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At Blitz Builders we strive to build a pole barn that meets your functional requirements & looks attractive. We offer many options, some of which are listed below. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact Pete Benner (317-437-0043 or Chances are, we can accomodate your request.

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Pole Barn Options
Indiana Pole Barns - Church


We can install almost any window, as shown in this photo of a church we built. A 3' x 2' window with a half screen, single pane of glass is $125 installed. Other sizes & types are available. You can also purchase the window you want yourself & Blitz can install it. Call or email Pete for more information.
Dutch Door


Our base prices come with one service door. An additional steel insulated door can be added for $375. Other door options are available, including the Dutch doors shown to the left. With these doors the top & bottom sections can be opened or closed independently. They are most commonly used for horse barns. Prices for a 7' x 4' Dutch door begin at $532.

Roof Overhangs / Gutters

Our base prices come with no roof overhang (roof ends flush with sides). Overhangs, as shown to the left, can be added:
  • 1 Foot Overhang - $16 per linear foot
  • 2 Foot Overhang - $20 per linear foot
  • 3 Foot Overhang - $24 per linear foot
  • 4 Foot Overhang - $28 per linear foot
  • 5 Foot Overhang - $32 per linear foot
For overhangs greater than 5 feet, call Pete.

The gutters are 5 inch continuous aluminum. Blitz does not install these but we will gladly arrange for one of our partners to add these to your building. Cost is approximately $4 per linear foot for gutters & downspouts.

French Cut
Overhead Door Opening

If you prefer, Blitz can make the opening for your overhead door a French cut as shown to the left for an extra $50.
Gambrel Roof

Gambrel Roof

Blitz can build your barn with a gambrel roof, which will make it taller. Gambrel roofs require more material & more labor, making the cost about 33% greater than a similar barn with a standard roof.


Blitz can add a cupalo to your barn for $575, which includes a weather vane ($525 without weathervane). Alternatively, you can purchase your own cupalo & we will install it for $150.
Covered Entry

Use Your
Own Door

If you prefer, you can provide your own door. Blitz will install it & credit you $175. In addition to our standard door, Blitz can provide other doors such as this nine light door. It has a single window with gridwork on it. The door in this photo also has a mail slot & steel plating around the deadbolt.
Covered Entry

Covered Entry

Blitz can add a covered entry to your pole building. The material cost is low, but there is usually a fair amount of labor involved. Call Pete at 317-437-0043 or email him at for a quote.

Indiana Pole Barns

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